Artist Series: Marli

We love artists who immerse themselves in their craft. Marli is a Melbourne born and raised producer, DJ, singer and songwriter. Spinning deep house with streams of soul and disco throughout, she has a seamless way of getting her crowd moving. Marli can be found at Dr.Morse on a sunny afternoon, Xe54 at midnight or the notorious Revolver Upstairs from early hours. We caught up with her to find out more about how she gets inspired, selects her clothes and what’s coming next…


Tell us about your background in music and how it led to where you are now.

Having grown up in quite a creative/artistic household, my parents always pushed me to follow a career in music, having grown up playing piano and singing. Moving through bands, then RnB, and electronic phases of music in my high school years, it wasn’t until I finished my Bachelor Degree in music and production that I fell in love with dance music. My brother was a massive catalyst for this as well - I remember him buying some turntables and a mixer, and developing a beautiful record collection. With the both of us having a very similar style in music, this inspired me to buy my own turntables, teach myself how to mix, and surely enough my background in production was a good foundation for me to start writing my own dance music.

Before producing a song or getting on stage, what practices in your routine help you get motivated and inspired?

When getting creative, I really like to make my space as comfortable as possible. I have a lot of plants in my music space, as well as candles, and I keep it really toasty and warm. At the end of the day, writing music is an outlet for me, so if I’m not comfy and relaxed, then the entire process feels more like a chore than an outlet. My routine before a gig involves blasting music at home, eating a big meal, and picking out what records I want to play at that gig! My Fivehundred BC tote has been getting an absolute workout with gigs at the moment actually, because its one of the only tote bags I have that fits all my records perfectly haha.

Marli, Music, Fivehundred BC, 500BC

If you were to recommend one record to somebody new to house music, what would it be?

Oooh, there’s too many to choose! The stream of house music that I love the most is definitely Chicago House & Detroit Techno. A record that tips its hat to this style really beautifully is Motor City Drum Ensemble's Raw Cuts'. Its a series of 3 x 12” records that use only samples from old jazz and hip hop records. It’s crafted so beautifully, that it harbours a real warmth and soulfulness to it. Anyone I show the Raw Cuts series falls in love with them - it’s a lovely representation of the essence of house music in my eyes. 


Music and fashion have always been close. How do you choose your clothes before a set?

This is very true! Comfort is always key for me, so I feel like I always fall into off-duty meets minimalist vibe. My gig wardrobe staples are a pair of high waist straight leg pants, a crop/tshirt, an oversized mens button up shirt (to take off if I get too sweaty), and lots of wrings and necklaces. 

Marli in Fivehundred BC

What is your favourite piece from Fivehundred BC?

The Bella T-Shirt for sure. My personal style has always been really low key, casual, and sometimes a little androgynous, so I always chuck on the Bella t-shirt, with some faded Levi’s, some reebok sneakers, and a messy bun, and I somehow manage to look put together with minimal effort. Definitely my vibe - and the colour is on point too. 

Marli in Fivehundred BC

What’s next for Marli?

Soooo much on the cards! Release wise, I have a track coming out on a Sydney Record label called Motorik soon, as well as currently writing an EP for a local label called ILIO, and collaborating with Melbourne label Soothsayer. Alongside this, my current gig rotation has been pretty incredible as of late. I'm lucky to have played some main room slots at Revolver Upstairs, Xe54, New Guernica, and have some gigs coming up at Bodriggy, Dr Morse, and The Gasometer. I’m very excited to be playing at a sold out festival called Inward Goods, that will be taking place from April 23 - April 25 in Briagolong, which will be raising money for charity. That event will include some incredible renowned artists and bands on the lineup, that I’m super excited to stick around for after my set. 


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